Cyber & Information Security Consultancy


Cyber Security analyst and Information Security Consultancy Services

Persuaded towards the security of our client’s data, advancement and the networks from many threats they face each day. Our Cyber Security Analysts are here to help you protect your data from harms way!

The unstoppable growth of cyber-crime strikes towards the understanding that most of the businesses need to reconsider their strategy towards the security of their digital platforms and the data related to them. After the past attacks to cybersecurity, all the companies must look after, and cross-check the safety of the data/information they possess. There is a higher ratio of SME’s who get in contact with the cyber-crime because they usually think that their data or information is not considerable or exciting to the hackers.

There is not a specific objective of captivating only the large enterprises’ websites. They use small enterprises’ data to dig out something huge. Therefore, your information, no matter it is a small or large enterprise; is essential and needs to stay secured by every mean.

It has been recorded that most of the 60 per cent of the small businesses can’t recover after a severe cyber-attack.

Does your business has the consistency to be one of them? Surely not! 

Our primary focus is to help in building cyber-resilient business processes that will not only secure themselves in the cyberspace but also they will have the elasticity to smoothly recover and continue the business operations when they are attacked.

We can achieve this by:

  • Conducting risk assessments.
  • Assisting to establish successful and adequate regulators.
  • Helping to organise a sound incident response plan.
  • Training programs for the entire staff.

As you transform your organisation, your attack surface grows, exposing you to more threats. Managing risk suddenly becomes a lot more critical and a lot more complicated.

Our information security consultancy services make it easier by providing our clients intelligent insights for their position of risk along with a cybersecurity plan that can assist them in securing all the access points, for the core to the edge. When our client’s information is secure, you’re ready.

Our Cybersecurity architects can immediately go to work to identify the source of the malware and then removed it from all infected devices. Cyber Security Analysts have improved information security defenses, safeguarding for business through continuous monitoring and proactive responses.

At Millennial Risk, our security analyst will provide you with regular communications about top trending and emerging behaviour patterns, including Tools, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) on malicious IP addresses, vulnerabilities, hackers, monitoring, and alerting.

We have the assets to perform a full security audit to uncover where weaknesses and security gaps exist throughout your organisation and what issues are driving that non-compliance to integrate a successful program of cybersecurity.

The Cyber Security Analysts go for security audits, that play a significant role in the internal investigations where differences are configured, or suspicious acts are recorded. Our findings can be useful to you for any legal proceedings and to systemize the internal controls of the organisations to decrease future problems.

Cyber & Information Security Consultancy


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