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Data Protection Consultancy / Privacy Support

We build sustainable solutions for the clients’ data protection and provide operational resilience in the business processes accordingly. 

Since the start, it has been our practice to help organisations come up with the accurate plan of action when it comes to protecting the data within a company; whether it is achieving the compliance with the law or managing the data-breaching rapidly and effectively. At Millennial Risk, we’ve data protection consultants who offers exceptional data protection consultancy and consistent privacy support throughout the UK.

We acknowledge that GDPR and protection of data are two of the most complicated fields, but hiring a trained data protection consultant can save you from a great deal of time, confusion, and money. through out service, we assist you with the minimisation of risks and even making a profit while remaining entirely compliant. We are at your back while getting on the right track.

We help you get on the right track of the law and its regulations. We offer a diverse yet all-inclusive list of services, including data protection advice, policies, audits, training, and support.

We make sure to meet the needs and requirements of clients, be it the small and medium enterprises and the charities or the trade unions, large corporates, and also the public sector organisations.

Expert Data Protection Consultants at your Service

Our team of data protection consultants has expertise with privacy policy, procedures, and technology. We tend to plan, create, run, control, and improve the risk management capabilities of our client’s data privacy and delivering them the required solutions, regardless of the nature of company’s environment and risk profile. Ranging from small engagements around specific regulations to enduring managing services, we assist each organisation in defining, applying, and effectuating data privacy programs.

Many organisations or businesses are unaware of the fact that it has been permitted by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to outsource the role of Data Protection Officer (DPO) for their current business procedures and its safety.

Millennial Risk offers a Data Protection Officer (DPO) as a service to make it feasible for any organisation to outsource the role of Data Protection Officer (DPO).

When a specific organisation outsource the DPO as a service, the officer is obliged to perform the duties mentioned in GDPR, which permits an organisation to accomplish the desired level of compliance. That’s the reason why you should opt for the best data protection consultancy service to reach your desired IT goals.

Our (DPO) as a Service is all-inclusive data protection and privacy service that is no restriction to the duties and the responsibilities of the GDPR only. The service includes the annual plan for data protection to lay out all the steps while enabling you to reach the desired level of compliance.

Either you are running a large corporation, or a small enterprise, outsourcing the role of DPO will permit your organisation to deal with composite, international rules and regulations of data protection.


Features of DPO as a service: 

  • Data Breach Management
  • Design and creation of policies and procedures
  • Planning for Data Protection Impact Assessment
  • Creating a system to record the occurrence of activities
  • Data Mapping

We make sure to stay connected with our clients along its journey, and for that, we offer unlimited support through calls and emails.

DPO/Privacy Control


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