Privacy GRC Tooling


Customised Privacy GRC Tooling and Fraud Risk Assessment

Empower your information risk governance program to accomplish compliance aligned to your business.

Tackling the indefinite processes, diverse data sources, manual tracking, fraud risk assessment and continuous organisational/regulatory changes, most of the organisations find it challenging to measure and report the risk.

The information security team requires accurate information to assess quality decisions in real-time. Millennial Risk’s GRC solution, combined with advanced technology, enables our clients to accomplish the maximum return on their investment in security. We support organisations holistically to inaugurate a governance framework, define requirements, and develop a road-map. We implement deployment, implementation, and support strategies for selected GRC technologies.

We make sure to provide an automated road-map to the clients for sound management of their programs.

In the fast-changing business environment, risk management and information assurance play a critical role in the overall growth and sustainability of any organisation. As there is an increased dependency on digital structures of almost all the businesses, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Chief Risk Officers (CROs) face the challenges of striking the accurate balance between protection and progress as well as privacy and governance. Adding to the above problem is a fragmented and, sometimes defocused, security stance resulting from a multi-regulatory mandate. Millennial Risk GRC consultancy service helps clients to plan, measure, and expand overall GRC competencies to accomplish business goals and consistent performance.

Conducting a thorough site analysis, Millennial Risk Consultancy provides you with comprehensive fraud risk assessment reports, operation certificates, and related documents, tailored to your particular needs.

The advantages of hiring GRC Tooling Consultancy:

The reflectiveness of hidden risks, including data and asset loss risks;

  • Proper decision support system for the security and for the budgeting as well as the spending of IT.
  • A standardised schedule to modulate a uniform, process-oriented, secured and compliant operations.
  • Prioritised delivery based on the organisation’s compliance mandates, risk appetite, and budgetary constraints.

We are one-stop-shop for all of your IT relates issues, whether you’re facing challenges because of insufficient data security, the scarcity in handling the sensitive data or merely lacking quality and performance, we have the answer. With Millennial Risk consultancy services, you are well on your way to compliance, risk management, and successful governance from day one.

Administration Management 

A secured and systematic approach to look after the processes, regulators and other objects related to data security.

Risk Management 

Make risks obvious in procedures. Taking care of and diminishing the risk inside organised exercises. Monetary overview of risk action costs.

Compliance Management 

Ensures requirements for compliance are organised and conveyed. Incorporate reports for analytics covering consistency, conditions, and social behaviour.

Privacy GRC Tooling


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